Where Is God? Free Will and Divine Intervention

Our god is in Total Control – Part 1

Following every catastrophe, tremendous damage of human life, or national crisis, someone requires the inevitable question: “Where was God? inch

Presently there are three possibilities for God’s role in mankind. The first is that God is complete control of everything that happens. The second is that God does intervene but only at select times. The third opportunity is that God – for reasons uknown – has no role in humanity, and we control our personal lives. Let’s examine all. here

Coming from at least the Christian perspective, there is a way of thinking that God is in control over everything that happens in our lives. This certainty may well not include most Christian believers but it can do have a sizable following in the Christian community. 

But since The almighty is controlling all incidents in our lives more natural dilemmas arise.

The first problem is that of free will. If perhaps God constantly intervenes, then how are you able to have free will? If God can determine our friends, spouse, work, finances, and health, then what is left for all of us to decide?

Some things do seem to be predetermined. Exactly where we are born, our parents, our height, epidermis, eyes, and natural frizzy hair color are all decided at birth. These factors plainly influence how we start out anytime.

A large number of people are born into poverty but some have difficulties through the lean times, work hard, and business lead successful lives. Did their hard work and perseverance condition their success or did God simply choose them to succeed?

Presently there are unsettling implications if God is solely in charge of our success. It would mean that every one of our accomplishments is the result of The lord’s intervention. Many people of religion do give wonder to God for their achievements. They see His hand in job marketing promotions, stock market gains, investing in a dream home, and even sporting events. Does The almighty actually alter the flight of a ball in motion so that it goes thru a hoop, recent a goalkeeper, over a fence, or through metallic uprights to control the score of a sports event? Some fans imagine this.

Is God also the source of our failures? If ten people applied for work and all were righteous and moral, does that indicate that the nine who would not get the job failed because Our god played favorites? Did Our god give the job to the one He regarded to require it the most? Does He have better opportunities in mind for the other nine applicants? In the event that years pass and those nine still cannot find employment, is the reality also God’s will?

Can be described as person overweight because they consume more calories than they metabolize or because God rendered that person overweight? Does God prefer a thrifty person because they may have more money in the lender than someone who usually spends extravagantly? Or did the thrifty person’s actions play a role in their accumulation of wealth?

What of great tragedies? Happen to be tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes all the effect of God’s will? Would He create smallpox, polio, cancer, the Bubonic affect, or any of the numerous, crippling diseases that affect humanity? Was God lurking behind 9/11 or did This individual just allow it to happen? We’re able to ask the same questions of the two horrific World Wars or the tens of millions killed by Stalin and Mao.

One common Biblical debate is that humanity let loose evil after itself by committing the original trouble in the Garden of Eden. Yet , even if that holds true and our suffering is both just and due to our own transgressions, it still suggests that God allows terrible things to happen. If God is in total power over every details of our lives and tragedy strikes, then Our god either allowed it to take place or caused it to occur. Both possibilities are uncomfortable.

I am not sure how anyone can recognize the basic that The almighty decides all the details of our lives. His intervention on behalf of one person would practically always affect someone otherwise. If He chose one person to win then another would almost certainly have to lose. It indicates that God selects those who achieve or acquire anything in life, and for many who struggle with little it means God would not select them.

On top of that, I have never recently been convinced that all things work out once and for all for those that love The almighty – certainly not while we are here at Earth. Ask an afeitado victim, a child delivered paralyzed by a consumed driver, or anyone molested as a youth. Individual beings persevere, go forward with their life, and defeat tremendous obstacles. They may even lead productive lives that inspire others. But, whenever we believe in the premise of the initial argument, we are still left with the troubling realization that God either directed or allowed these tragedies to occur.