What Are the Benefits of a Composite Door?

Composite resin Doors are the modern equivalent of a luxury door for your home. The old saying ‘First Impressions Count’ is unquestionably true if the door to your threshold is of substance & beauty. Approaching into your home, is like entering your fort – well without the moat & the work of course, but it can a signal that your safe and secure, this is obviously something an amalgamated door can offer. http://dverimar.com

In the past 30 years, older properties were willing to replace their wood made doors with uPVC gates, some with decorative a glass panels and some alternatively plain and dull. Today the trend and need is for substance & security. GRP (Glass Strong Plastic) Doors are available in lots of shades & styles. Aesthetically they are more pleasing to the eye and with the added good thing about being more affordable and easily available, a Composite Door is the next ‘must have’ for your home.

As their popularity expands, more and more homeowners are also installing them as a back door feature too. Again the added security brings serenity of mind and assurance. All Composite Doors are custom built to your requirements, thus ensuring a perfect fit and choice for many different purposes. As a result of robust make up of a Composite Door, they will withstand many normal domestic use and can be suited to use in public places, such as schools, surgeries etc. The formation of the door allows it to be made in a variety of formats and these can be used for don, out buildings & storage area units.

Benefits to Consider with Composite Doors

Protected and Safe – With over 67% of thieves breaking in through the door, it’s good to know that a composite resin door is fitted with a superior quality locking mechanism. Yale have provided security securing in over 120 countries, their reputation is built on trust and stability, so all of our Composite Doors are fixed with Yale locks, take some time & furniture.
Extra Secureness – We fit Kitemarked Yale locking system as standard. The locks feature a cylinder which is impossible to bump or break.
Police Approved – our doors are Attached by Design, so meet the national standard for safer homes. This is also recognised by many insurance companies and you may get a discount on your home insurance cover.
Easy to Preserve – Compare a wood door to a GRP Door, with a solid wood door, they will require average repair of piece of art every 5 years, GRP Doors never need art work.
Waterproof & Draught Evidence – we hate to be able to it to you, but the average rainfall in Britain is between 700mm to a whooping 3, 000mm 12 months! The Comp Doors are created to tolerate even the heaviest rain storm, with relentless testing for water resistance & air permeability, these doors will fit the work. Coming down in bucketfuls – bring it on!
Timber Feed Effect – even the white doors have the timber grain effect, thus giving a rich and classic style to you house.
Discolouration – unlike PVC or wood – Composite doors do not fade or discolour with time. The GRP skin area means that the first shade stays as the original colour. This includes the woodgrain doors.
Solid Presented – in fact one particular. 7 inches thick – much more secure than a conventional PVC plank door.
No Visible Seal Seals – Gone is the unattractive black rubber material gasket and the ugly black ring mark on the door, all the technical bits are hidden away.
Found in a variety of Colours and Models – we are all different and picking away colours for GRP Composite are varied, as are the styles. Be it glass, range of door furniture or design, there is a Door to suit you.
Don’t Replace, Reglaze – so your several year old played crickinfo in the hall and now you have a broken pane of a glass in your door – never to worry, you can relax knowing all of our units can be reglazed, why not have an alteration of glass style simultaneously. No drama, fuss and many importantly, no need for a new doorway.
Strength – a GRP Composite resin Door will last usually 35 years without the need for any maintenance, compare that too an average wooden door and realise you cannot find any comparison.
Earth-friendly – made out of a more healthy planet at heart, our Doors are created to not only comply, but exceed the recommended Circumstance values, thus helping to keep the energy bills low.