The Most Innovative Custom Minifig Ideas

Producing a custom minifig will depend on first having an outstanding idea. You could be the greatest minifig customizer on earth, but if your creations have zero creative imagination and specialness, your minifigs will not get much interest within the Legos financial institution community. Perhaps you are okay with that. Following all, there is not anything wrong with building properly constructed lego minifigs inspired by classic ideas, and there will probably continually be a market for them. But if you intend to be more intriguing and revolutionary in your minifig designs, it is critical to place an importance on originality.

Any time you are experiencing problems coming up with ideas for your custom minifigs, ponder the subsequent options:

Historical minifigs: Will you be considering history? If not, do you at least have a historical period that you’re interested in? In the event you do, you might want to consider historical custom minifigs. For example, perhaps you are intersted in the Ancient cultures, the American Civil War, or maybe the Wild West. Consider traditional eras and places that inspire your creativity, and imagine all of the possibilities.

Literary custom minifigs: Do you have a beloved book or design of literature? If so, you can search your home publication collection for some good ideas. If you are a supporter of fantasy novels, for instance, you may make custom minifigs and minifig clothes based on your loved one characters. The greatest thing about making minifigs structured after books is that no two readers imagine book characters exactly likewise, so you can really put your creative imagination with it.

Minifigs based on television set shows or films: When making custom minifigs based on your beloved movies or TV programs, your projects should really be pretty simple. You don’t need to put much imagination into creating the design, this means you may concentrate your entire attention how to make the custom minifigs happen. Because you probably know, imaginary worlds like Star Conflicts or Star Trek are actually well covered, so you might want to go for something just a little fresher.

Good friend and family minifigs: Build some minifigs that are based after your home or social group. You can incorporate lots of very small inside jokes, and everyone will surely get a good kick out of your creations.

Minifigs centered on famous real-world statistics: If you have a treasured sports team, or if you are considering a specific group of people, create a number of custom minifigs to show them. For example, you may make minifigs of your selected political or social figures.