Stockton 5 Stove

The Stockton 5 stove is available in multifuel and wood burning up variations to give you greater choice in what is becoming a very competitive marketplace. This particular model has dimensions of 481 x 544 back button 335 mm for the flat add slightly greater dimensions of 503 a 685 by 335 millimeter for the high top version. However, the style and feel of this model is something different and buyers will be satisfied to know that it is approved for use in smoke handled areas. Gabion Kafes

The Stockton 5 range is slightly wider than the Stockton 4 oven and the Stockton 3 stove containing allowed the manufacturers to raise the capacity of wood that this model can hold. As we stated earlier, this particular model comes in multifuel and wood burning varieties although there is significantly increased efficiency with the solid wood burning model. So what can the Stockton 5 stove do for you? 

There have been great improvements in stove technology and stove manufacturing during the last decade and the industry has recently been reborn really different light. It is the potential to integrate both the old world look of a traditional stove with the new-technology available today which has attracted progressively more consumers to this area. At the time you also take into account the added control, which can often be a remote control, you have over the warmth production and the sort of fire produced it really is the ultimate integration of old world and modern technology.