Some Thoughts on Overcoming Phobia

Fear is generally defined as an extreme, unreasonable apprehension. Common phobias include (but are not necessarily limited to) a fear of heights (acrophobia, ) lions (arachnophobia, ) and microbes (microphobia). There are hundreds of tried-and-true options for conquering many of these more common phobic disorders, but I’m not heading to waste your time by going through all the details and technical psychobabble that goes into those methods in this access. (Besides, I don’t want to get into some massive credibility argument down the line after one of you lovely viewers decides that I was claiming to create from an authoritative position. ) My spouse and i do know, however, that being that phobias are, by definition, irrational, then it should behoove those of us who have those to seek out answers on overcoming phobia in whatever forms they take.¬†fear of amputees or people with amputations. fear of amputation

I have an anxiety of grocery stores that started soon after I shifted away from my mom’s home in early 2001, and have gone through several mutations of the phobia since that time. The first time, I remember walking into a local Kroger and, somewhere in the spice aisle, experiencing a panic attack. My torso got tight, I started out to feel dizzy. We looked at all of the nicely-lined and well-organized rows of coriander and cumin and realized, the first time and as evidently and as surely as I’ve ever been before, that the spice aisle would be the place where I would personally be trapped for the rest of perpetuity.¬†

Agoraphobia– “fear of the marketplace”– is another common and totally irrational dread that, at least in my case, manifests itself only in grocery stores. For me it’s not much of a matter of the crowds of people of folks or perhaps the long lines at check-out during hurry hour (though they are annoying); it’s a few of my perception of the excessive order in food markets. Everything in a food store has a place, a label, and a specific price. I go through wild fantasies wherein people will be priced right along with the goods they buy as they reach the check-out range and are judged by the conglomerates who own them based on this price tag. Then we get carted off into factories where bigger, meaner-looking ogres will buy all of us as packages and chuck us into microwaves for dinner.