Route 66 Still a Scenic Favorite

What comes to mind when people think of Course 66? Days gone by of road trips across the U. S. on the highway with silver precious metal trailers in tow, highway oddities and diners along the way stuffed with Armed service troops en route to WWI and WWII. Although, the wonder still is present, and while yesteryear 20 years of air travel is one of the most effective way to ‘get there from here’, there is certainly still something to be said for street trips. otobüs bileti

In the day, Route 66 was seen as the “Super highway” to the West, and can still be seen as such today. Course 66 is an especially important staple in Americana among sites to see, and provides much in the way of scenery and history of the Usa States. The two-lane motorway, which not anymore is shown on most modern maps covers across the U. H. from Chicago to Mis Angeles spanning a total of 2300 miles across eight states. 

Established on November 11, 1926, Way 66 was gaining recognition, and by 1938, the highway was fully smooth. Shortly thereafter more than 200, 000 migrated via the highway to Washington dc to escape the Dust particles Bowl of the Midwest symbolizing the highway as the “road to opportunity”. During WWII the motorway served for transportation of troops, equipment and products across the country, such as soldiers’ trip back home to family and friends.

Over the years of dangerous divided highways, and with the passing of the Highway Act in 1956 roads such as Route 66 started out the decline in tourist activity, and by 1984 the highway was almost lost when the last section at Williams, Arizona was bypassed by Interstate forty five. As the years gone on the highway indicators were removed, and the road almost lost, but due to the revival interesting Route 66 is being revisited today.

The recent movie by Pixar, Cars, denotes many of the key places and events that took place in the highway’s 70+ 12 months history, and has driven a fresh interest to the historical icon, including Lincoln’s Stomping Grounds in The state of illinois; Vega, Texas(a Prairie Area in the Panhandle), and Beyond Winslow, Arizona. And, you will observe many more as you drive across the richly infused memory packed highway as you vacation cruise through history while discovering the sites.

One popular city to visit along Route 66 is Small needles, CA. Visit the Mojave National Preserve which helps to protect approximately 1 ) 6th million acres of wasteland habitat. Located just western world of Needles, visitors can observe ranching activities, and traverse the old Mojave Road as the Indians, soldiers and homesteaders do. Geologic features such as Cima Dome, the Cinder Cones, and the Kelso Dunes add to the visual attractions of the area.

Other popular picturesque routes include California’s Motorway 1, skirting key California’s glorious wind swept coastline. Take your time when you drive from unusual San Luis Obispo to historic Monterey. You can make the trip in about four hours, but you might enjoy it more if you made additional time to take in the scenery and the sites.

U. S. Course 101, or U. T. Highway 101 which works north-south through the areas of California, Oregon, and Washington, on the Western Coast is another popular route. It is also known as El Trayecto (The Royal Road) where its route over the southern and core Cal coast approximates the old trail which linked the Spanish missions, pueblos and presidios. It merges at some points with Washington dc Route 1, but is still well worth the drive.

Taking a street trip is about serendipity. Likely to want to be sure to have the time to properly take advantage of the unexpected finds you make in the process and enjoy them. To help make this happen make sure that you have the ability to the maps you need (remember, not all modern maps get this route included), and research ahead of time the places you want to go for sure. The internet is an excellent reference to research your excursion. Various sites give you an useful information on scenic trails, countrywide parks and places to settle and things to do along the way. Take a peek and see where you might want to go next. While the whole path might not be on the map, it’s still there… waiting so that you can see it. Enjoy!