Relationships – How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever

I am talking about, the only thing between you and that condition of despair is your pride and surely love is better for one day than pride for a lifetime?

“NOTHING WITH THE WAY, ONLY IN THE WAY. Yes, that is the way to think about relationships. comment oublier son ex ?

You can control 50% you will ever have. Select which 50% carefully. Most people can only control 50% of their life nevertheless they how to start which fifty percent they value controlling. Thus they wrap up trying to control all their life which is impossible. Really called half hearted living. Do you want 50 percent hearted life? I suspect it of course, if you do, stop reading this article now. 

You want to put your entire heart into what you do since there are no half hearted success. So, sometimes you have to control your riches but let go control at home. It is determined by your values doesn’t it.


The reason people get involved a mess with love and relationships is that they feel that a relationship is the be all and end every one of life. Just about all people who admire love and relationships are stressed out, like RUMI and Romeo. They weren’t happy. Every their life (and poetry) was spent moaning that they couldn’t enjoy themselves without love and human relationships. Gosh, there’s an entire world out there to love.

Relationships don’t solve problems. They actually bring problems to the surface, sort of make them worse. Relationships magnify problems. They feed on them. Sometimes people hope that their love and marriage will solve problems. It can very seductive. Let myself solve your problems and make your dreams come true, the sex is great and the guarantee is fabulous. Relationships guarantee to will solve problems nevertheless they don’t. The nearest a relationship reaches resolving a problem is that it makes having a problem less strong because it feels like in which second person going in to bat for you anytime. But in my experience, even that has its limits.

The other reason people get into a mess in interactions is that they put too much mush into them. In the event you divide life into seven equal parts like: career, money, health, intelligence, friends, self and relationship you obtain a rough idea about the actual context of relationship. A relationship is not life, love is. And you can’t love one person and hate another. 00% of relationship failure is caused by unresolved conclusions about someone in the past, or their sister’s past or their brother’s past or their parent’s. They grind that responsable and hold onto all sorts of distaste so then they can’t love that in their current partner either. Remember that everybody has every feature. It’s like sucking a dog poo lolly while kissing a prince. Really going to make a difference. The flavor by itself of a judgement or hate that’s dragging itself through a person’s life becomes permanent. They tastes crap even when they meet their soul companion. So, smart thing would be to use mouth rinse. Process dirty laundry from earlier times, emotional baggage and really yield.

This is what makes the big difference for me personally.

I value that a lot more a journey and even pain is important to train and guide us. My pain has a purpose therefore, when I have it, I let all the pain in and may hold onto anything. Often I’ve gone for aid to finish a discard form, other times I’ve recently been through a ream of paper, 400 pieces of paper, listing the toss. To me, opening my center again to love daily is a huge value. I make sure that there are no grudges or draw back about anything in my life. As a result, I find out more on myself, my work, my life, my people, my human nature in 6 minutes than a meditator learns in a life time.

Pains and challenges no longer get easier, nevertheless they do get shorter. My first heartbreak heart took 3 years to deal with, the last one, 3 hours. Yes, I’m good at the forms, but I do practice between performances, I do them regularly on little things so I’m confident on the big things.

Consequently, here’s the rub about love and life from my viewpoint.

Weight reduction go wrong. You aren’t go wrong trying. You can only go incorrect half trying.
If you are in doubt take out.
If you are being safe, or self defensive, or cautious in love, it’s over.
There is no half.
You and your baggage come into the relationship boots and all. Otherwise it’s a joke, and you’ll be the point.
Give all and if it might end policeman it sweet, right in the heart.
Love your ex, unconditionally.
A few hints on being comfortable and putting 100% of your heart into a relationship.