Make Concrete Blocks – A Business For You

Producing concrete blocks is a business00 opportunity. You can start in your garage with little investment. Make your own molds from particle board and sheet metal and you will easily turn out 90 cement blocks per day. The concrete mix is made from Portland concrete, sand, gravel and normal water. You can hand combine these in the accurate proportions or use a cement mixer. Hand complete the molds, remove the blocks from them and set out to dried. hollow block price

Concrete blocks are a basic commodity of the building trade. Many methods from garden compost boxes to big buildings is built from concrete blocks. There is always an industry for cement blocks. You are able to depend on that. They do not deprecate like a here today, gone future hula hoop. 

Concrete products are heavy and heavy. Transportation costs are therefore quite high. You do not have this cost in selling to local customers. You can source them at a very competitive price and still make a nice income. Many building supply stores have to bring their concrete products in from distant suppliers which gives substantially to the expense of the product. You can find them very receptive to the better price you can give them.

You can start your concrete products business as a part time project while continuing to work at your work. This kind of makes it very easy since there is no loss in income while you build your business from a tiny start. Stop your job when you have sufficient business to make this a profitable full time occupation. Working early evenings and weekends can be quite profitable and full time work can earn you a wonderful living.

As you become a full time concrete block manufacturer you will need more space to maintain and dry your blocks. You will also desire a tangible block making machine which can change out hundreds of blocks every day. You will need business premises to allow for the drying racks for your concrete blocks. You can get a machine capable of turning out all the blocks you can sell. It is rather an expensive tool. The cheaper way is to build your own machine.

From available programs you can build a fantastic concrete block making machine from used auto parts, sheet metal and a few odds and ends. Functions as well as any commercial model. In the event you can’t do the necessary welding a local welding shop will do it for you at reasonable cost. This fine machine can turn away 800 concrete blocks every day with ease. You can build it for a fraction of the price tag on a commercial model. You should have help in moving the concrete blocks over to the drying racks. You will need an employee or possibly a business partner for this.

Besides making cement obstructions you can manufacture outdoor patio slabs, garden ornaments, garden furniture, bird baths and many other items. Strategies are available for these very profitable sidelines. You can also go into the business of building with concrete blocks and build everything from don, sheds and other complexes to small backyard tasks such as compost packing containers and barbeques. Since you manufacture the concrete products this can be very profitable.