List Building – Using Articles to Add Quality Subscribers to Your Opt In List

Anyone can grow a huge list. I could get 100 subscribers each day with Google Adwords. Consequently can you. Now you may get involved in JV giveaways and get a few hundred or so subscribers. So can you.

But what not everyone is able to do is get subscribers issues lists who like to buy. Subscribers who will put profit your pocket or purse fast. Acheter des likes

Creating articles will do just that for you. Friend, if you are not incorporating article writing into your list building campaign, you are burning off out. You see, some of my lists are nearing $2 per prospect for this month. Will be your lists making you $2 per subscriber every month? 

How will you do it?

1) Write informative articles about the types of things that would interest the typical customer of your web site. See I say customer here, not visitor. You are in this for the profit, and get revenue, you must have customers. You must get away of the mindset that you are looking for traffic. You are CERTAINLY NOT looking for traffic. You are looking for very special traffic. You are looking for traffic that converts into subscribers who obtain you. That is it.

2) Submit those articles for all the high traffic article directory sites you can. Only submit to hundreds of article directories if you are searching for back links and natural search engine traffic. If you want immediate traffic, traffic from viewers reading your articles, post many articles to a few big directories.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2. Continually. I have over 260 articles (10-20-2006). I still come up with 12 a day. That may be why I have more traffic than you do.