Is Point Cloud Technology Really Advantageous in Renovation?

The advantages of renovation comes out due to varied reasons. Often you are bored of seeing the certain style of your house therefore you feel like giving a new look to it, which is attained by renovating the house. Certainly not just that, the advantages of renovation may happen because of demolition of the house due to natural calamities such as earthquake or cyclone, etc. Nevertheless whatever is the reason to renovate home, the purpose is to change or transform the new design or pattern of the house to handle the existing problems. ich baue gerne

Restoration was required largely after the first world conflict and even after the second world war when huge collateral damage happened due to heavy bombardments. So there can be many and varied reasons for renovating a composition, but it has recently been never simple for architects and engineers to handle the remodelling work. Whenever we speak about the earlier times it literally used to take a lot of time to complete a renovation project. The problems used to be much more in the renovation of the sophisticated structures. 

The contribution of ‘point cloud technology’ in renovation: Comparatively the process of renovation has become very convenient and easy. It has happened due to implementation of the’ point cloud technology’ in the renovation projects by the industry experts. Point cloud technology is put on check the existing building and it takes very less time when compared with earlier methods wherein manual surveying used to be carried away by architects and technicians.

In scanning the building which should be renovated, lasers are sent to it from the high-end lazer scanners. These beams indicate back after scanning the structure and bring the measurement of the building in the form of the point cloud. This kind of means it doesn’t take enough time to take the measurement of the building with the aid of point cloud technology which is also known as laser technology. Depending after the need of renovation the building is scanned multiple times to get exact data.

The point cloud data which is received after scanning is transformed into a BIM model by using Revit. The point cloud data is brought in Revit to put it to use as input for building process and a 3 DIMENSIONAL model is produced as an output. So it becomes easy to develop a 3D Building Info Model with the help of point cloud data. This can help in saving time and money that is applied in the restoration projects.