Hiding Your IP Address – How to Change Your IP and Protect Yourself Online

Do you really use the internet regularly? Do you make an online purchase? Happen to be you losing money in your web account regularly? Is your privacy so treasured for you that you wish you were unseen anytime you are online? In the event you belong to any of the categories above, then you are in need of an appropriate method of hiding your id in order to browse anonymously on the internet. hide my wp pro

Before I describe the hiding your ip process, you need to know very well what an IP [full meaning Internet Protocol] address means and what it does in web browsing. The Internet Standard protocol address is each internet user’s digital signature that identifies him in an internet network. As the word ‘address’ implies, it gives the location of a computer linked to a network. It is through this that needs are sent to an internet server and also results returned back to the sender. 

Therefore, whenever you are online or you are requesting for facts from a website, your existence can certainly be seen by anyone who loves you to look. Identity robbers and hackers are among those who care enough to look for IP addresses of individuals and through this, get essential information concerning the owner. This information which may include financial data like visa or mastercard amount, or other personal data, can be used in stealing from the owner of such info. The address may also be used to monitor the net activities of the owner in the event that this individual releases any essential information online which then can be stolen and used for illegitimate purposes. This kind of gives us good reason to want to browse anonymously on the web.

One of the methods which may have been developed to make this possible is the use of proxy server server. A proxy website is served by the proxy server. Anyone that wishes to hide his IP from been known on another server will type the website this individual wish to visit into a box provided on the proxy site and then send. His IP will not appear on the destination server but only that of the proxy can look there. Employing this service is free of charge. The downside of this technique is that it loads web pages slowly due to number of individuals utilizing it, and also it is filled with advertising campaigns.

A second and better strategy to surf anonymously is use of IP-hiding software. This software is installed into your personal computer; you do not have to go to a proxy server website in order to access another site. Aside from hiding your IP, the software can also help you to change your location that looks on the site you are visiting. An edge over proxy is that it does not influence the speed of looking.