Gift Card Printer For Beautiful and Secure Custom Plastic Gift Cards

A high level00 business owner and have been impressed to businesses making and selling huge numbers of plastic store cards during the holiday season, you are correct: custom plastic material gift idea cards are an outstanding marketing and sales tool. We will explore the superb features of plastic custom cards here and present ways to make them in house by using a surprise card computer printer. plastic cards printing

Advantages of custom credit card printing

Plastic gift idea cards are a fantastic way towards your brand name out into supermarkets and drugstores.

Given as a gift, plastic store brand cards will expand your brand virally. 

Giving a surprise card is an certification of your brand by the giver. And now the receiver is required to check your store out!

Set up device does not like your brand, there is a chance that the will not get redeemed. It is often estimated that 10% of most of them are never redeemed.

Since the cards are well designed and durable, they often find their place in obvious areas such as living rooms, kitchens, as well as in householder’s wallets and purses, further increasing your brand consciousness.

Last but not least, there will be no transaction charges when your store cards gets swiped at the DETRÁS (point of sale) in the store.

How to print custom plastic greeting cards

The plastic gift idea playing cards are produced using the same printing technology as the debit and credit cards. Their printing photos costs are the only ones that come down in price recently and the expense of plastic printers is not much more than what regular paper ink jet printers used to cost simply a decade ago.

Since the cards can only provide once, you will not need several security features as the credit cards printers or debit greeting card printers offer. For example, no holograms or smart credit cards need be included. Furthermore, a picture ID will not be needed.

Thus here is the little set of components of a custom plastic printing device system:

Single sided plastic material card printer that can encode mag stripe on the back
Blank clear plastic cards which may have mag red stripe built in
Plastic greeting card design software (which usually comes with the printer) that sends the images over to the inkjet printer