Cool! Street Fighter 2 – The Animated Movie

Enjoy as Ryu blasts away Sagat with an inspiring hadouken in this action packed classic. The carefully crafted characters in this movie greatly resemble heroes from the video game, but with more sophisticated detail. The movie appeals to your attention right from first giving you an experience as though you are playing the game and watching the personas really come to life on the screen. Avenue Fighter 2 helps keep you hooked to the finish as you observe how they may have taken the game and expanded it into a very challenging storyline. 

The Street Jet fighter 2 Movie was developed in the Anime style of animation by the Manga company. Anime is popular style of Western animation that has expanded animation on many levels. Most popular Anime or Manga films are the ones that are action packed with fighting methods and great detail. This movie falls into that category. You will be impressed at how advanced the graphics are in this film since it was created in 1994.

Accurate Street Fighter Fans have said that this living movie is hands down the best rendition of Street Fighter ever created. The graphics and the plot are more interesting than the live-action movie which let down so many fans. If there is one movie that gets it right, then let it be the 1994 animated version. Getting this movie will definitely add a prized ownership to your movie collection. kissanime

It is hard to find a movie that you will not get tired of watching again and again. But we have found one surpasses these specifications. Film production company has characters that street mma fighter fans can immediately identify with. Fans will watch in amazement as heroes use their signature techniques. The storyline greatly harmonizes with the attention catching graphics and ear popping sound results. So chin up a comfortable seat, pop some hammer toe, slide in the digital video disc, and indulge yourself in the animated Street Mma fighter Movie experience.