Buyers Guide to Freshwater Fishing Tackle – “The Spincast Reel”

Ordering freshwater fishing tackle is definitely an intimidating experience for first angler. One can get totally lost when surfing around a web web store such as Bass Pro Retailers, there are 10’s of thousands fishing reels, sportfishing rods, lures, line types and fishing accessories to choose from. Daiwa Freshwater Reels

What is the beginner to do when looking for fresh water fishing tackle? Simple, read this number of articles and by the time you finish you will be armed with what you need to know to make an informed buying decision. We will cover fishing reels, fishing supports, lures and baits, sportfishing line and other sport fishing gear such as deal with boxes, fishing knives and much more. 

There are four basic reel designs; spincast, spinning, baitcast and fly. This article will cover the spincast fishing reels which are the Chevy’s of the fishing world, they may be affordable, simple to operate and relatively maintenance free.

Spincast reels are fantastic for beginners, children and anglers who just want to get a line in the normal water and sit back with their favorite beverage of choice. The spincast sportfishing reel is best used for light-weight “throw it and wait” type of fishing in ponds, creeks and other locations that do not require long or accurate casts.

Scheduled to the light lines used the preferred seafood are bluegill, sun seafood, catfish and small bass. Anything larger and you run the risk of your line breaking as you try to land the monster.

The Spincast reel is a completely enclosed reel with the line on a kitchen that wraps perpendicular to the queue as it exits the reel and runs in the rod. That is designed to reverse the key problems of other reel types which include line twisting, snares and backlash (the loosening of the queue around the reel. )

The spincast reel has some control at the back that you press and release as you cast your line, click on the button again to set your collection in place, then change the handle on the side to retrieve your line (hopefully with a fish towards the end. )

The primary drawback to spincast reel is shorter sending your line distances caused by the drag on the collection as it rubs against the side of the reel as it leaves the opening. Also scheduled to the limited range capacity of the stove you are limited to lighter lines, this rules the size of your hook and bait set up and finally the size of fish that can be successfully landed.

A great example of this type of reel is the Shakespeare(R) Synergy(R) Titanium Ti14 Spincast Reel, it is affordable at under $15, is trustworthy and a nice feature is the handle that coverts to left or right passed.

The next article inside our “Buying Freshwater Fishing Tackle” series will feature the spinner reel, the most frequently used reel in freshwater fishing.